Who We Are

Welcome to Civil Ventures -- the University of California, Berkeley’s Civil Engineering student-run startup incubator. As a group on campus, we strive to foster an environment where collaboration and creativity can collide, and assist students in becoming entrepreneurial leaders and innovative thinkers while at Berkeley -- and beyond.

What We Aim To Do

We, as a group, are dedicated to the purpose of encouraging the next generation of Civil Engineering student startups at University of California, Berkeley. We seek to bridge the gap between emerging technologies and one of the oldest engineering disciplines.

What We Believe

As engineers, we work in teams. We believe in forming positive, constructive peer-to-peer relationships where ideas and concepts will have a home to roam free -- free of judgement, free of confinement, and free to take off to new heights.

When it comes to being a good person, integrity is one of the most important qualities. We believe in an environment where honesty and strong moral principles are key to success.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit: the mindset and approach towards life that actively seeks out change. It embraces questioning, celebrates innovation and continuous improvement, and provides a state-of-the-art level of service.

Our Leadership


Vishesh Singh



Sunny Ou

Vice President of Operations

Advisor to VPO

Drew Gomberg

Advisor to Vice President of Operations


Raag Lavingiya



Arianna Gonzalez

Vice President of Development


Ze(Keats) Hua

Industry Chair


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